Mmm beer

Being the good child that I was, when I was growing up I never tried a lick of alcohol.  So, when I turned 21 I really wasn’t all that fond of it.  I didn’t think it tasted very good at all.  Fortunately, I had a roommate who loved beer and every time he would drink he would make me drink a bit with him.  It didn’t take long before I started to really like the stuff, especially beer.

So anyway, now to the real point of this post.  When I was in Australia last week I discovered this really great beer–Toohey’s Old.  It’s a wonderful black ale and it’s delicious.  I had at least one almost every day I was down there.  Now that I’m back in the states I find myself longing for a bit of Toohey’s Old and I can’t buy it anywhere–it’s aweful!  I guess I’ll have to have some friends from Australia bring me some back when they get back in a couple of weeks.