The way we talk about morality

Tonight Campus Crusade for Chirst at the University of Arizona put on an event called ‘Porn Nation.’  They were very excited for the event and I guess I can’t blame them too much, if you’re going to put something on you better be excited for it.  I didn’t actually goto the event so these thoughts are more spurred by the synposis I recieved from the director of CCC at UA, Gary Anderson.

What is bothering me is that it seems like we as Christians are constantly trying to evangelize social justice and morality to the world.  We are constantly putting on events like ‘Porn Nation’ which try to convince the non-believer of the evils of pornography or xyz sin and how they should stop doing it.  It seems to me that if Jesus Christ is really the one we put our faith in; if He is really the one that we believe changes hearts and makes lives new; then, why don’t we spend our timetelling the world about Him?  Why should we waste our time talking of the evils of sin when we could be talking about the greatness of Christ.  If it’s true that He changes hearts then all those sin issues will go away and it will only be Christ.  Why focus on the effects and not the solution?  Christ is everything and we should start behaving like He is.  I want my ministry–my life–to be a continual pointing to Christ for all things; because I believe that through Him all things are brought to completion.

I guess that’s probably enough ranting for now. 

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  1. joey
    October 11, 2005 at 3:27 am

    jem, i was thinking similar things… spawned my 1 cor 2:2… and 1 cor 15. also hearing a friend say that he really wanted a STRONG believer to marry… i thought it was weird in a way.. cuz a STRONG believer is often characterized by less outward sin. that of course neglects the fact that STRONG believers still sin as much… i think… but it just manifests itself differntly. if God is truely working on sanctifying us, any sincere believer that loves jesus, be it new or old, will be slowly getting better, and well slowly be EFFECTED (to use your word) – Love love love love love. i wish we were good at it.

  2. jeremy
    October 11, 2005 at 10:18 am

    It’s funny how we identify a strong believer. We often characterize them by their deeds because that’s what we can see. But, that’s not what a strong believer is. They are somebody who has deep passion for Jesus not necessarily great deeds.

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