Beggars in Spain

I like books, I like them a lot.  I love how they help me to think clearer and the ideas they present.  I don’t why but I’ve always loved books.  I just finished Beggars in Spain which is a scifi book by Nancy Kress.  It won the hugo award in 1992 and a friend of mine at work, Derek, told me about it.

Basically it’s about the jeolousy that is bred in a society where there are genetically engineered humans who are clearly superior to the rest of the race.  One of the major genetic alterations is the ability to not sleep.  It turns out that these "Sleepless" are better in every regard, they are smarter, better socially adjusted, etc.  There are no negative side affects.  Kress disuccesses the idea of what it means to have community and what should be done with the unproductive members of society, the "beggars."  I think it’s an interesting book because the technological ideas such as sleepless that she presents are interesting to me but I also belive she comes to an interesting conclusion about the social aspects of a society with clearly superior beings.  It is obvious that all men are not created equal in ALL regards–some are better looking, some are smarter, the list goes on and on but the important thing is that we are all created equal in the innate rights we are born with: liberty and freedom.  Kress challenges and explores these ideas which makes for a very intresting read.  If anyone out there likes to read definately add this one to your list.  If you don’t like scifi I would still give it a chance because there is a lot of discussion of philosophy under the guise of scifi.