Django and Christian Resources

FOr a long time I have wanted to create a website that provided functionality similar to the Logos software, a package that is basically an incredibly extensive Christian library.  A friend of mine gave me the idea of calling it Red Letters, a reference to the red lettered text in the bible that is supposed to refer to the words of Christ.  I’ve had the idea for a long time and haven’t really done much with it beyond a few mockup sites.  Over the weekend I got interested again and looked over the mockups, decided they all sucked and started a new one.  I don’t know if it’s going to happen but it sounds like a good chance to check out the Django web framework which seems really nice.  I’m not sure how well suited it is to the problem though as most of the site will probably store the content as ThML files (an xml format for marking-up religious text) and there is no builtin support for XML, although since it’s just python I should be able to add it easily.  We’ll see, hopefully something comes out of all this.