Immigration Reform

It seems to be the issue of the year at the moment–immigration.  When I watch discussions about the topic I usually get terribly annoyed by the redefinition of illegal to undocumented.  I’ve atually heard some people claim that undocumented is a synonym for illegal, yeah right, our education system must be worse than we thought.  Maybe we should start redefining other terms too.  For example, drug dealers could become undocumented healthcare professionals, and murderers could become undocumented law enforcement officials.

I understand that it is impractical to deport 11 million illegal immigrants, as much as I would like too I realize it is not a feasible solution.  I believe that we should offer a plan for some of those who are here illegally to become citizens given they pay hefty fines, all back taxes, etc., etc.  It’s not a fair solution, the only fair thing would be to ship all the illegals back and allow those who have been following the proper procedure to come here legally.

I also think we should change the constitution such that someone born on american soil whose parents are here illegally is NOT a citizen but should enjoy the same illegal state as their parents.  I don’t expect this will ever happen but I think it’s a good thing.

Anyway, my two cents on the hot political topic of the day.