And the prices keep going up, up, and away

Prices are definitely higher than they were a year ago; but I got curious as to just how much higher they had gotten.  Then I found this cool little chart on at the NY Times.  It displays the makeup of an average consumers budget and how the prices have changed over the last year in each of the categories.


There is an interactive version available at:

Predictably, fuel costs have seen the largest increase over the last year with gasoline clocking in at 26% higher and heating fuel a whopping 48% higher.  But, not everything has gotten more expensive; in fact, a number of things have gotten cheaper.  Computers are -12% cheaper and fresh vegetables are -6.6% cheaper.

So how does this compare to my spending over the last year?  Not surprisingly my biggest increase was also gasoline.  Spending on gas shot up by 45%, nearly twice as much as the average.  Nothing that I regularly spend in went down; electric was the closest with a measly 0.71% decrease.