Camera Radar Enforcement


Tucson has decided that the best way to enforce their traffic laws is through the use of radar systems that are coupled with cameras which allow them to automatically issue citations for infractions.

I have received a ticket for speeding and so have most people that I know.

The city insists that this system has made Tucson a safer place.  However, it seems to me that this is more about generating revenue than keeping drivers safe.

I think it’s ok for a government to collect fines when the law is not followed; however, I would like to create a system by which those fines cannot benefit the government in any way so that the conflict of interests can be removed.  If there was a system by which people could submit a form (seperate from tax time so there is no misconception that this is a tax rebate) and receive a portion of the share of fines collected I think there would be less potential for our government to abuse it’s power to collect fines.

Until such a system is enacted I support the camera fraud movement that is trying to raise enough signatures to get something on the ballot in 2010 that would forbid the state and cities from using the cameras to enforce speed or red light running.  If you would like more info you can goto: