Windows 7, first impression

It’s been nearly 10 months since I decided to dump windows and upgrade to a Mac. I haven’t regretted the decision once.

One of the big things that drove me away from windows was how slow and cumbersome windows had become. Vista was a disaster for Microsoft. Businesses and individuals alike revolted and refused to buy anything but Windows XP. XP is getting a bit long in the tooth these days and it seems that the initial reviews of Windows 7 are good.

I haven’t had an opportunity to try it out until today. A friend of mine bought a new laptop and needed some help transferring music from her old computer to the new one. She left the computer with me and I took it for a little spin. I wasn’t impressed.

For starters, I was curious if the startup/shutdown times had been improved over windows vista. Shutdown seemed vastly improved and startup did seem better too. This was a brand new laptop (not top of the line but neither is my mac) and my mac is 1 generation out of date. I thought it would be interesting to compare the two though. It was a pretty unscientific test. I just set the two computers next to each other, shut them down and then powered them up. Shutdown was pretty comparable between the two. Of my 5 tests the Mac beat windows 4 of the 5 times but it was very close. Startup was a different story. The Mac beat Windows 7 starting up every time by at least 10 to 20 seconds.

The second thing I looked at was the new user interface.  I really like the UI in Mac OS X, it’s pretty, simple, and intuitive.  Windows 7 looks a lot like vista too me but some of the new UI enhancements seemed cumbersome and confusing.  I’m sure some of this would fade with time as I got comfortable with the new system; but it’s a far cry from the Mac where I’m always excited to use the system.

Microsoft seems to have lost it’s way and I’m really hoping it can create a product that really is top notch but I’m beginning to have my doubts.  There are much more thorough reviews out there but if you’re considering a new computer, I’d recommend the Mac!