Looking back on 2009

It seems like it’s still the end of 2008 and yet we are in the last few hours of 2009. Time just keeps going faster.

In some ways things are not much changed. I’m still single; still living in tucson; still working for Rincon Research Corporation; and on and on. But 2009 carried more changes for my family than most years in that my grandmother, whom we all loved, passed away in November from cancer. She will be missed and her passing is certainly the defining moment for the year.

Two of my cousins also got married this year. I can’t help but feel that I’m getting older and really need to get moving on the whole family thing. Maybe in 2010.

Health wise I felt that I was sick a lot this year. More than usual at least. I started a diet and lost nearly 40 pounds. That’s good news; but I still have about 30 pounds to lose in 2010. I also had my gall bladder removed in an emergency procedure at the beginning of December. That was a surprise.

Travel was fairly limited this year. I spent about a month in England for work and that was all my work travel. I went back to Lubbock, TX 4 times to visit family for weddings and funerals. Charles and I also went to San Diego at the beginning of the year and on a cruise at the end of May with the Jackson’s.

The stock market started 2009 with a small recovery that was quickly killed. The market proceeded to bottom out in march and started an epic recovery that is still going. It was a positive year for stocks but they haven’t fully recovered from the woes of 2008.

Barack Obama and the democrats had control of the federal government. They pushed through massive new spending packages for “stimulus” and other things. It was a big year for expansion of government; hopefully, in coming years we will be able to reign it in.

So now we look forward to another year, and another decade. This one has gone quickly for me. I hope that I can honor God in more meaningful ways in the coming years and that he will bless me with good friends and a good family.

NOTE: Thanks to colorcubic @ http://colorcubic.com//2008/12/31/2009-our-time-to-shine/ for the permission to use the awesome image of 2009.