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Ender’s Game

I just finished the sci-fi book by Orson Scott Card, Ender’s Game.  An alien race, called the Buggers has attacked humanity.  We have already fought two wars in our home solar system which humanity has barely won.  The world has pulled together and is looking for someone who can lead us to victory against the buggers.  Enter Ender Wiggin. He… Read more →


I’ve recently finished a pretty decent book recommended by a co-worker, Accelerando, by Charles Stross. It’s a SciFi book about the impending singularity and how humanity has to adapt to the changing world around them. For about the first half of the book I didn’t care all that much for it. I felt like the author was a decent author… Read more →

Rich Dad, poor dad

I have never read this book and I don’t ever intend too.  But I have read several of this guys articles on Yahoo Finance and I can’t believe that there is much worth while to learn from this book,  From the reviews on Amazon that I saw and if reading his articles are any indicator of his advice, it’s pretty… Read more →

Harry Potter …. hmm

Ok, yes, I’m lame, I read books that are meant for twelve year olds, and I read them multiple times.  But you have to admit J.K. Rowling is very good at keeping her audiences attention.  She has the rare skill of writing witty, humurous dialog.  Someting rarer than one might hope.  I’m reading the 6th Harry Potter book again… so… Read more →

Beggars in Spain

I like books, I like them a lot.  I love how they help me to think clearer and the ideas they present.  I don’t why but I’ve always loved books.  I just finished Beggars in Spain which is a scifi book by Nancy Kress.  It won the hugo award in 1992 and a friend of mine at work, Derek, told… Read more →