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A quick biblical tour of TULIP

Awhile ago a friend of mine asked me about T.U.L.I.P., the acronym used to describe the 5 main points of Calvinism. In answering his question I put this quick biblical reference together outlining some of the major scriptures used to backup the doctrines laid out by TULIP. So with out further ado here they are: T – Total Depravity Genesis… Read more →

Abortion and the gospel

I just finished listening to John Piper’s sermon this week.  I really like him.  God consistently uses the words he speaks to convict and inspire me to do what is right.  This last week he spoke on abortion.  It’s amazing to me that since Roe vs  Wade there have been about 46 million abortions in the United States.  That is… Read more →


It looks like the hearings for Judge Samuel Alito are coming to a close.  It’s amazing how much attention gets given to the abortion issue.  I wonder how history will remember us in this regard?  Will they remember us as barbaric and cruel.  Will this be a time remembered as a time when the mass murder of millions of innocent… Read more →

The exorcism of Emily Rose

Tuesday nights are reserved for spending time with my roommates.  We usually go out and do something fun together.  Most of the time, my roommate Mike is not there because he has to work.  Tonight was nice because he had a bit of a break so he could hang out with us.  We got the chores we needed to taken… Read more →

Getting the meaning of words right

A christian organization, which we will leave un-named, has recently decided to change their bible study material.  Some friends of mine are affiliated with this organization so I got to read a bit of it.  First off the whole of the material revolves around pornography and it’s destructive effects.  If you’ve been reading my previous post you probably already know… Read more →

The way we talk about morality

Tonight Campus Crusade for Chirst at the University of Arizona put on an event called ‘Porn Nation.’  They were very excited for the event and I guess I can’t blame them too much, if you’re going to put something on you better be excited for it.  I didn’t actually goto the event so these thoughts are more spurred by the… Read more →

Christianity and Science

I am a christian; it’s no secret.  I also like to think of myself as a logical, mostly rational person that does not blindly follow without thinking.  It is really annoying that within the scientific community it feels like christians are constantly relegated to some sub-standard form of intelligence simply because they believe there is a God and He did… Read more →