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Windows 7, first impression

It’s been nearly 10 months since I decided to dump windows and upgrade to a Mac. I haven’t regretted the decision once. One of the big things that drove me away from windows was how slow and cumbersome windows had become. Vista was a disaster for Microsoft. Businesses and individuals alike revolted and refused to buy anything but Windows XP.… Read more →

Switching to a Mac

A friend of mine bought a new MacBook Pro (the aluminum uni-body style) and he let me play around with it a bit and I got hooked.  So recently bought one of my own and have begun the transition from windows to OS X. I don’t think of myself as a typical user.  I am computer programmer and use linux… Read more →

My new T60p

UPDATE I have received the replacement T60p from, it has the LG screen, NMB keyboard, and Intel wireless card. The LG screen is noticeably better than the samsung screen.. the colors are more vibrant, the horizontal lines that the showed up on the upper part of the screen on the samsung are not there on the LG, and there… Read more →

New Computer

I know it has been quite sometime since my last post. If there’s anyone out there still regularly checking this blog.. sorry. Anyway I have been in the market for a new computer. My old thinkpad finally bit the dust last november (at least the screen did) so I have been limping along with a crappy toshiba for the last… Read more →

Learning to debug problems

I am a computer programmer and as a result I have to be pretty good at tracking down problems in things and successfully debugging them. When debugging it’s imperative that a concrete methodology is applied. Here are some tips for debugging (these can apply to more than just computer programs!) 1) Assume the problem lies in something you have changed.… Read more →

Visually navigating information with Grokker

My roommate told me about a new search service calle Grokker that allows you to visually browse the information. I didn’t quite understand what he meant when he was telling me about it but I checked it out and it’s actually really cool. It’s basically a search engine that automatically categorizes information in groups and allows you to visually navigate… Read more →

University of San Diego

Today I took a quick trip out to San Diego to meet some guys we work with at the university.  The first part of the day was mostly finances, etc … not necessarily my cup of tea.  But then later on the day we got to take a look at some of te things they are doing and it was… Read more →

Distributed X Server and Gigapixel images

Things have been very interesting at work lately.  I’ve gotten S.A.G.E (Scalable Adaptive Graphics Display) to a place where it is working reasonably well.  It’s pretty cool but I am still interested in something that allows me to have a distributed X client.  I found a program today that does just that: Xdmx.  I haven’t had an opportunity to try… Read more →