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Auto-complete JComboBox

A common feature a user has come to expect from JComboBox’s is autocompletion.  I don’t know who started this but I think it was popularized by web browsers in the address bar.  Swing does not provide auto-complete functionality by default; but a quick search on google reveals many people have come up with solutions.  I found this tutorial: which… Read more →

Principles of good software design 1

There are several open source projects that I keep tabs on because I enjoy the services they provide.  Recently one of the projects had several issues registered concerning timeouts with MySQL 4.0 and 5.0, the response from the developers was this is not a bug in our software, just increase the timeouts in the mysql server.  This is a bad… Read more →

JTables and other java anomalies

Recently I have been tinkering around with java a lot in my spare time.  I’ve been working on a side project that technically is fairly simple but won’t be very useful without some cool UI effects though.  As a result I’ve been toying around with Swing a lot implementing things like automatic live filtering of table data (like iTunes), etc. … Read more →

Optiputer and Terabit LAN Workshop

I’ve spent the last 4 days in San Diego attending a conference about Optiputer and Terabit networking.  The weather has been nice here and some parts of the conference have been very interesting.  The coolest part was probably the demonstration of a new 4K digital display system they have here at UCSD.  It’s basically 4 hidef regions creating an 8… Read more →

Adding Rollovers to JList components

Over the break I spent some time hacking around in Swing.  One of the things I have been wanting to do for awhile now, is add rollover functionality to the JList component.  This is a neat effect; but unfortunately the default implemention of JList does not support it.  However, without much work we can make it happen. The idea is… Read more →

Supercomputing 2005 Day Five

I can’t believe I only have one day left of supercomputing.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you are having fun.  Today was fun.  We heard about the advances that were being made in the Biosciences from several professors.  After lunch we heard from two guys from disney explaining how they used computers to advanced the state of the… Read more →

Supercomputing 2005 Day Four

Today was filled with a lot of discussion about really cool technologies that have become something of buzz words like nano-technology and quantum computing.  I learned a lot today and this was probably my 2nd favorite day of the event next to the tutorial on parallel file systems. I started the day out with a seminar on nanotech.  There was… Read more →

Supercomputing 2005 Day Three

Day three was the first general session at SC05.  The day began with a keynote speech by Bill Gates about the future of HPC.  It was amazing how many people showed up to listen to the talk.  They filled up a caveranous conference room and two large overflow rooms.  After the talk I wondered around for a bit and had… Read more →

Supercomputing 2005 Day Two

Day two of supercomputing began with another tutorial.  Today’s was about the future of high performance computers.  It was an interesting tutorial but they had too much material to cover and for the sake of time a lot of slides were cut out which made it difficult to follow at times. Some of the major points that I took away… Read more →

Supercomputing 2005 Day One

Day one of Supercomputing down, five more to go.  I had a lot of fun today and learned a lot too.  I missed going to church today but beyond that had a great time.  Seattle is a neat town and, thanks to Ervin, we get to stay in a really nice hotel which is walking distance from the Convention Center. … Read more →