Category: Economics

The true cost of socialism

I came across this study today about the true costs of socialist policies in terms of human life.  The drive of the study is how can we calculate how many people would not have died, how many more people would be literate, and how many more people would be above the poverty line if certain policies were not implemented. The… Read more →

The 2008 National Budget

I’ve been on a finance related theme lately.  Yesterday I added this kind of cool debt clock on the right side of the page but quickly got depressed at the size of our over commitment.  So what is it exactly that we get for our exorbitant taxes and huge national debt? Well, first there’s the big ticket items like: Social… Read more →

The Economics of Scarcity and Abundance

Recently I have been reading a bit on the economics of scarcity vs abundance. The basic idea is that as we progress technologically economics as we know it will fundamentally change because nearly everything will be abundantly available and thus free or nearly free. Since we do not live in an infinite universe it is obvious that we will never… Read more →