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Long live the Fair Tax!

I’m not sure any of can say that we feel warm and fuzzy inside when we see our paychecks and see how much has been taken out in taxes every pay period. In fact, if I stop and think about it makes me sick to think of how much of my money slimeball politicians are spending. I don’t want to… Read more →

When owning is not better…

I feel like I’ve been exposed to ownership a fair bit by owning my own home and car. I know the benefits and draw backs of it all. What drives me crazy is when sales people equate owning to always being better than renting… yes, renting will never build you any equity; but depending on how much it will cost… Read more →

A Note on Stock Brokers

I enjoy investing, but I hate paying trade commissions. For a number of years I used Ameritrade as my primary broker; but a little over a year ago I switched to Firstrade. They had cheaper commissions at 6.95 a trade and free mutual fund investing for all funds they offered. Ameritrade had a better trading platform but Firstrade was passable… Read more →

A personal history of investing

I am a firm believer in investing for the long term–it makes sense. I’ve been investing for nearly 6 years now with my first foray into the adventure in early 2001, not the greatest time to be getting into the market. I had been watching the markets soar for the last 5 years and listening to the general wisdom that… Read more →

0% APR For life

Recently I feceived an offer in the mail from Discover Card for a 0% APR on balance transfers for the life of the loan.  Now it’s not unusual that a I get one or two offers in the mail for some new credit card or what not.  Usually those offers go straight into the trash but hey, 0% for the life… Read more →

Planning for Emergencies

It has been a while since my last financial advice post, so I thought now would be a good time for the second installment of how to plan for financial security.  In the first article we talked about simple budgetting and knowing where your money is going.  That is always a good thing, after we have that down it’s time to… Read more →

An introduction to personal finance

The other day Ben Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, testified before congress and stressed the need for our society to become financially literate.  As a nation we have a negative savings rate and federal programs meant to suppliment retirement income are in serous financial trouble if things keep going the way they are. I enjoy finance quite a… Read more →